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Strawberry Basil Lassi

The Strawberry Basil Lassi

We’ve been showing this recipe at recent trade shows like Coffee Fest and the SCAA as more than a ‘try our syrups’ but as a ‘come and have a little snack to settle your tummy.’ Trade shows are so hard because most people are really hungry. So my thought was to serve a treat that would help people get through the day.

What makes this drink/treat so good is using fresh basil. Did you know you can blend it right into the syrup and let it infuse? I had the idea when I was cold brewing some coffee one day and I also had some basil, then I thought ‘why haven’t I cold brewed these together???’ Of course this is just called an infusion. For the basil I use a handful (the amount that comes in a small package from a grocery store) and let it infuse for 4-8 hours. Then I strain it (with this cocktail strainer if on the go) back off into the bottle, then write “Basil” on it.

You don’t want to blend the basil too fine, because then the herb wont be strained all the way and produce a little extra mouth feel. You only want the flavor of the basil, not the actual basil to be in the syrup. Here I blend just for a few seconds.

Creating the Strawberry Basil Lassi recipe, part 1

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Here is basically how I make the drink.

Strawberry Basil Lassi, part 2

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Pouring from different heights and also pouring faster or slower will produce different layers. You can always stir it up completely, but I like to have it layer like the very top photo.

A little before and after shot.

Another flavor that works is mango and mint.