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Found an Expiring Cantaloupe, So I Liquefied it

So today I came into the Beverage Suite where I work and there was a cantaloupe barely holding onto life. I mean it was getting pretty soft (you can see a top-right-dimple in the photo) on the outside, but I didn’t want to just toss it. So I had to take action and turn it into something new and different.

My mind went right to a Pina Colada riff, “Instead of pineapple what about cantaloupe?” I asked myself. After a few tests I came up with the plan.

Above you can see me getting out some ingredients and doing a test run. The recipe is above but I will explain it again here.

Cantaloupe Cream

  • Take cantaloupe pieces and lightly blend in blender
  • However full that was, add half that amount of DaVinci Gourmet Naturals Coconut. The Naturals line is preservative free and made with natural flavors, so the flavor really comes through strong over the sugar/sweetness. Blend these two together.
  • Now you have your base, just add 1 part of this puree/syrup to 4 parts ginger beer.
  • If you want to make it even easier, you can add the lime juice and cream (or coconut cream) to this base as well. I was using ‘a splash’ of both on top of each drink so start with about 20% cream to batch ratio, and 5% lime juice then taste and adjust.
  • Doesn’t hurt to have some wild straws, this is the best deal I’ve found for a re-usable tiki style


Personally, I love limes so I threw some into the mix. I wanted it to be a bit spicy so I used ginger beer for that kick. Then it was all cooled down with some cream (but I wish I had coconut cream instead).

The end result was pretty fun little midday mocktail. I served it to 7 people for a private lunch and they loved it. If you try it and add booze I’d love to know what you added =]