Checking Out Italy, January 2017

My friends have been asking me my plans to visit Italy January 14-31 so I put just a tiny blog post together to capture my thoughts and allow for advice from everyone =]

Planning my trip in Italy. If you're a coffee professional in Rome/Florence/Rimini/Venice/Milan then let's chat!

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First off, I am heading to Chicago Sunday January 8, then leave for Fort Collins, Colorado on January 11. Leaving straight from Denver to Rome, Italy. I chose to fly into Rome because how could that be a poor decision? I am in Italy because I will be working the event in Rimini January 21-25. So I have from January 14th till the 20th to explore. Then I fly out of Milan, Italy on January 31.

With all that said, here is my ROUGH agenda:

  • January 13: leave Denver
  • January 14: get to Rome, stay CouchSurfing in Rome till January 19 when I will travel to Rimini for the work event. I land in Rome at 3:41PM.
  • January 15:
    • 9:30A-12:30P Colosseum, so many choices (3 hour tour $48 link). May even see the Baths of Caracalla & Villa Quintili Combo while there ($11 link)
    • Have till 7P to take this 50 minute tour of Leonardo Da Vinci exhibit ($11 link). Since I work for a brand called DaVinci Gourmet, I sort of have to see this, right?
  • January 16:
    • 9A-12P Catacombs – St. Sebastian Catacombs and Appian Way Coach Tour ($59 link)
  • January 17: make sure I see most of these….
    • Mamertine Prison
    • Capitol Hill
    • Victor Emmanuel Monument
    • Pantheon
    • Piazza Navona
    • St Peters
    • Vatican museum
    • Dolce Vita stroll
    • Trevi Fountain
  • January 18: might head into Florence, if so to see……
    • Florence tourist interests:
      • La Marzocco espresso machine plant
      • Duomo (possible audio tour $23 link)
      • Baptistry
      • Palazzo Vecchio
      • Ponte Vecchino
      • Midici Chapel
      • Piazzale Michelangelo
  • January 19:
      • Cooking class, 10-2p ($86 link)
      • Walking food tour, 3P-5P ($72 link)
      • 2 people required – Beer tour ($63 link)
        • Other odd adventures
  • January 20-25: work at the Sigep event, Rimini
    • Rimini tourist interests
  • January 26-30: Venice
    • Venice tourist interests
      • St Mark’s Basilic
  • January 30-31: Milan
    • Milan tourist interests
      • Milan Cathedral (link)
      • Piazza del Duomo (link)
      • Galeria Vittorio Emanuele II (link)
  • January 31: 10:25AM fly out of Milan, Italy arriving in Chicago January 31st at 5:17PM