How To Play Barista At Home

I am often asked “Levi, what’s the best espresso machine for home?” which can lead to SO many answers, depending on what you want exactly. But to be a generalist, here is usually what I point to: this espresso machine for $1,295 or $685, paired with this grinder. Its usually the best option. I have used the Nuova Simmonelli Oscar for dozens of events, its perfect for home and smaller events.

Home setup =]

Yes the above suggestion is fairly pricey, but you could actually buy one of these gorgeous beasts designed for home, Slayer/La Marzocco/Synesso for more than a few thousand dollars each.

The big thing for making great coffee is to simply use the right water and BAM you have a HUGE head start. Great blog post on the correct water to use, to make it easy on you I *generally* suggest spring water. Now, you have to buy coffee to brew coffee, right? Well don’t buy coffee with expiration dates, instead focus on coffee that is 2 days up to 2 weeks old, or ‘from roast date.’ That’s generally the sweet spot.