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ACP 058: Tulsa Coffee Crawl

Topeca Coffee in Tulsa hangs photos of their coffee farm on their wall, then roasts it to be tasty

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1) Coffee crawling through Tulsa, OK
2) Meeting baristas is a great thing
3) Get out there and try stuff, bring people with you
4) Thank you to Samuel Smith (video below), for coming along with me on the trip

1) Ask baristas ‘where should I go next’ and use Yelp to save the answers
2) Cold Brew nitro with vanilla and cream was outrageously great
3) Maple Soda uses shelf stable ingredients that don’t expire or require to be ‘dialed in’

Reason to interact:
1) Map of the places I went
2) Maple Soda and Sparkling Green Tea recipe
3) Photos of the drinks (below!)

“How do I use Yelp to find cool places?”
1) Look for 3-5 star ratings
2) Number of reviews and photos should be higher relative to other local cafes/places
3) Keep track on your favorites list when someone suggests a place, then when in a new area open up your “Bookmarks” tab in the mobile app
4) Checkout podcast #54

I got to see Tulsa Oklahoma through three peoples eyes in the last two days. One girl has Family ties to the land, literally the very Native American clan who named this place Tulsa so very long ago. She also had dinosaur bones in her house that I got to see, while Indiana Jones played in the background on her XBox. Another girl who I would call a traveling bartender, staying in town for a few months or years experiencing the area, but always looking to the next place that may quench her thirst again, for now. And finally I worked out of the café this morning while I watched a barista who I had met when he was a teenager. He's now moving up in the world and shared his experience about going to New York and Vancouver Canada because of his skill and craft with coffee. I grabbed my phone and looked up his name, where I found a bunch of notes about him and his coworker and a wonderful experience I had here almost exactly 2 years ago . I have it to him on his break while we reconnected and laugh and over how I described him back then . Three different people, two industries, one city. Tulsa

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Time 2:18
    Visit the show notes for ISI Whipped cream recipes. I’ve seen some sped-up extraction recipes.
    How can you tell if its real ice? …It melts.
Time 3:45
    Different levels of carbonation for different brands
    Real Maple or Honey does change the mouth feel, LINK to brands and their level of carbonation. Sometimes a high level of carbonation is great because some recipes have a lot of other ingredients competing for the total volume of the drink itself.
Time 4:44
    Espresso Tonic recipe, Levi uses just a hint of espresso in his recipe to allow for coffee to be the background flavor, rather than having it dominate the flavor profile.
    Thought – why don’t we look at espresso as a background flavor?
Time 6:50
    Owl Puccino signature drink, the name plays into what the cafe used to be called. What about a signature drink called the Al-Puccino, and it can be made with almond milk?
Time 8:30
    Foolish Things Coffee Company, don’t be foolish, ask questions.
    Oak Aged Cold Brew Float – was cool, you can use a brand like Time & Oak to get those flavors. They used local ice cream but not enough, lost the woody-flavor but like the idea and it was fun.
    Cold Brew Soda with Blueberry Shrubs –
Time 13:00
    Do the next thing, hop on Yelp and find a cafe then ask the barista ‘where should I go next?’ and they may direct you to some wonderful place or party that only the locals know about. I also use Yelp to bookmark places I will visit in the future when you’re in that town.
Time 15:30
    Why don’t we list the barista that came up with that signature drink like they do at fancy bars?

Yelp, raining bird poop in Tulsa…

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Thank you to Podington Bear, for lending the track Gravy.

Strawberry Basil Lassi

The Strawberry Basil Lassi

We’ve been showing this recipe at recent trade shows like Coffee Fest and the SCAA as more than a ‘try our syrups’ but as a ‘come and have a little snack to settle your tummy.’ Trade shows are so hard because most people are really hungry. So my thought was to serve a treat that would help people get through the day.

What makes this drink/treat so good is using fresh basil. Did you know you can blend it right into the syrup and let it infuse? I had the idea when I was cold brewing some coffee one day and I also had some basil, then I thought ‘why haven’t I cold brewed these together???’ Of course this is just called an infusion. For the basil I use a handful (the amount that comes in a small package from a grocery store) and let it infuse for 4-8 hours. Then I strain it (with this cocktail strainer if on the go) back off into the bottle, then write “Basil” on it.

You don’t want to blend the basil too fine, because then the herb wont be strained all the way and produce a little extra mouth feel. You only want the flavor of the basil, not the actual basil to be in the syrup. Here I blend just for a few seconds.

Creating the Strawberry Basil Lassi recipe, part 1

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Here is basically how I make the drink.

Strawberry Basil Lassi, part 2

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Pouring from different heights and also pouring faster or slower will produce different layers. You can always stir it up completely, but I like to have it layer like the very top photo.

A little before and after shot.

Adding herbs & blending together to infuse flavors 👌🏻 I've been using these in sodas & yogurt recipes lately

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Another flavor that works is mango and mint.

Reversed Irish Coffee

This is my favorite recipe right now, this one is the most exciting to me.


Debuting the recipe here at Coffee Fest Anaheim on the last day of the trade show.


Reversed Irish Coffee Recipe:

  • 4 oz cold brew (concentrate)
  • 1 oz Jameson
  • Pour those into a pint glass filled with ice or chill in a freezer
  • Separately heat up to 150-160F
  • 2 oz half and half (or cream)
  • 1 oz DaVinci Gourmet Naturals Vanilla
  • Put these warmed ingredients into a small (small is essential) french press and agitate by plunging swiftly till textured
  • Pour chilled coffee and Jameson into a frozen 8 oz mug, straining the ice
  • Tilt the mug so the coffee is always near the lip/rim, then pour the warm cream on stop in the same fashion
  • Top with coffee grounds, serve


About the recipe, it was developed with the help of co-worker Jason Raines in 2015. We began working on it together for a “Guest Barista Night” I (LevI) was doing at Ben’s shop Rockford Roasting Co. We ended up not showing this recipe but showed the Strawberry Basil Lassi as the featured recipe instead.

This recipe is intended for a bar to use, in theory the bar could easily create this recipe by adding three tools to their setup:

  1. Cold brewer (I used the Toddy system)
  2. Kettle or way to quickly heat cream (I use an antique yellow one, but here is a suggestion that is easy to clean after use)
  3. Small french press (small is essential because this recipe uses just 3 oz of hot liquid, link)

Drink in action, notice the cold brew being sipped up and pulled from the bottom on the glass 👏🏼

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Found an Expiring Cantaloupe, So I Liquefied it

So today I came into the Beverage Suite where I work and there was a cantaloupe barely holding onto life. I mean it was getting pretty soft (you can see a top-right-dimple in the photo) on the outside, but I didn’t want to just toss it. So I had to take action and turn it into something new and different.

My mind went right to a Pina Colada riff, “Instead of pineapple what about cantaloupe?” I asked myself. After a few tests I came up with the plan.

Above you can see me getting out some ingredients and doing a test run. The recipe is above but I will explain it again here.

Cantaloupe Cream

  • Take cantaloupe pieces and lightly blend in blender
  • However full that was, add half that amount of DaVinci Gourmet Naturals Coconut. The Naturals line is preservative free and made with natural flavors, so the flavor really comes through strong over the sugar/sweetness. Blend these two together.
  • Now you have your base, just add 1 part of this puree/syrup to 4 parts ginger beer.
  • If you want to make it even easier, you can add the lime juice and cream (or coconut cream) to this base as well. I was using ‘a splash’ of both on top of each drink so start with about 20% cream to batch ratio, and 5% lime juice then taste and adjust.
  • Doesn’t hurt to have some wild straws, this is the best deal I’ve found for a re-usable tiki style


Personally, I love limes so I threw some into the mix. I wanted it to be a bit spicy so I used ginger beer for that kick. Then it was all cooled down with some cream (but I wish I had coconut cream instead).

The end result was pretty fun little midday mocktail. I served it to 7 people for a private lunch and they loved it. If you try it and add booze I’d love to know what you added =]