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ACP 064: Making Cold Brew Coffee Cocktails

Real time recording as my friends come over and create some fun coffee cocktails. This miiiiiiiight get silly…..

Cocktails we will create in this episode:
1) Bourbon and Cold Brew:
Just splash some DaVinci Gourmet Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate and water over your whiskey any way you take it
2) Lunchbox or ‘Cafe Disaronno’:
Inspired by “The Lunchbox” cocktail, using cold brew. The orange juice brings out the wonderful complimenting bakers chocolate specific to this cold brew concentrate. 0.5 oz DaVinci Gourmet Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate 1 oz Disaronno 4 oz orange juice Serve on ice with orange wedge garnish
3) Cafe Boulevardier:
0.25 oz DaVinci Gourmet Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate 1 oz bourbon 1 oz sweet vermouth 1 oz Campari Chill and stir with ice, serve ‘up’ with orange zest, cherry garnish optional
4) Cafe Cola:
Cynar Americano Cafe: 0.25 oz DaVinci Gourmet Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate 05 oz Cynar 4 oz cola
5) Cafe Sazerac:
0.125 (1/8th) oz DaVinci Gourmet Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate 2 oz Sazerac Rye 2 dashes Peychauds bitters Give glass an absinthe rinse, build cocktail in separate glass with ice, chill then strain into fresh glass. Garnish with lemon zest and peel.
6) Salty White Russian:
0.25 DaVinci Gourmet Hawaiian Salted Caramel 3 oz DaVinci Gourmet Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate (diluted) 1 oz Titos vodka 1 oz Baileys Served on ice, salted caramel treat on rim as garnish

Cold brew coffee cocktails! Obviously coffee goes great with bourbon, but what else? Listen in as Levi creates 6 cocktails with some of his closest friends.

TIME 2:20 – Who is the Kurt guy?
TIME 2:55 “Who drank all the Fernet? Who drank all the Baileys? ….Adam he makes my drinking look like childsplay”

TIME 4:35 This is where you drink the first cocktail, the first cocktail.

TIME 5:05 “We *slurrrrrr*…” “Did you eat all the ice cubes out?”

TIME 5:10 As you can tell by my inability to talk without slurring and recall what was actually in the cocktail, I was indeed smashed. That combo is something I will play with in the future – but for now – let’s meet my friend Danny the pilot….

TIME 5:45 “Check check, can you make more money if you turn the GAIN up?” Danny Blaha.

TIME 5:52 Danny and I drink together a lot, so naturally when he visited last weekend I had to make him this strange cocktail… also he brought a knife? No, that was just a butter knife.

TIME 6:00
Levi: What do you think of this cocktail? Danny, put down that knife.
Danny: The pain makes me know that life is real. Um, that’s a good way to start?
Levi: yeah, it lets people know you have nothing to say at all. What do you think of this cocktail?
Danny: When you decided that you wanted to make it, I was a little concerned when you took Disaronno, cold brew coffee and orange juice out of your refrigerator. Um, it scared me a little bit.
Levi: I didn’t have Disaronno in my refrigerator, but yes I understand your fear.
Danny: Yeah. *Indistinguishable grunt* Like I said three flavors you just don’t think would go together. But I do think it tastes like one of those orange chocolate balls that you have to hit on a table and it splits into pieces. Maybe that was only cool in the 1990’s but there you go. It tastes good and it goes together, orange and chocolate it good.
Levi: orange and chocolate are amazing together. Orange and coffee are okay together but certainly most places don’t put those together. This is cold brew of course. I think Disaronno goes really well with coffee. I’ve made a similar cocktail with Disaronno, Almond syrup, espresso, shaken with milk and ice.
Danny: you make a lot of cocktails that are really bitter, that’s kind of your go to. I like this one because its NOT bitter. You put a lot of bitters into cocktails, its very common for you, but this doesn’t have that. I like your cocktails that are higher in citrus.
Levi: Joey my coworker teases me because for like 6 months I put lime into everything I made.
Danny: Do you cook it for 6 months? Because when you cook…. you definitely take your time.
Levi: you make it sound like I cook completely stoned, but really I just like to take a few days.
Danny: is it done cooking? Oh is it charcoal black now? Mmmm tasty.
Levi: get out of my house….

Time to try the Cafe Boulevardier. Which was actually the very first cocktail we built that day. When I am tasting I start with the more bitter and move to the sweeter. It’s hard for me to go from sweet to bitter, do you ever do tastings like this?

TIME 8:40
Cafe Boulevardier…
Levi: our first try, Kurt, wanna say what we got?
Kurt: We have ourselves the Negroni, Boulevardier, BREW-vardier? I don’t think that’s too bitter.
Levi: I’m not sure the coffee-note is the right note for this. Sweet enough. What is tough is all I taste is garlic from my lunch.
Kurt: I like the ending note, its all coffee.
Levi: We did 1 oz of sweet vermouth, 1 oz of Campari, 1 oz of bourbon, and then just a 1/4 oz of a cold brew super concentrate. Yeah right now this aftertaste is really great, should we do an orange zest or any herbal element like mint?
Kurt: I don’t think so, I think its done.
Levi: recipe #1 is done, its in the banks!
Kurt & Levi *CLAP*

TIME 13:30
Cafe Cola Cynar “big mistake”
Kurt: so its Cynar, cold brew,a nd Coke
Levi: the big mistake we had made?
Kurt: was adding white rum, then dark rum, all bad.
Levi: the big lesson here is to start simple, then layer in more flavors on top.
Kurt: yeah. So the recipe is 0.5 oz Cynar, 4 oz Coca-Cola, 0.25 oz cold brew.
Levi: on the nose its a lot of coffee, the Cynar and the Coke are balanced together. The cold brew again is the lingering aftertaste. BAM.

TIME 14:30
As I taste a drink I pay attention to the BIG categories in flavor: sweet/sour/bitter/umami/salt, then also very important is the “Exact-flavor.” There is ‘good’ verses ‘meeting the standard of identity.’ This Cafe Cola is such a simple recipe and I already knew about the idea of a “Cynar Cola,” its actually on the bottle of Cynar, so I used that recipe idea as a baseline. I also already knew I like Cold Brew and “Cola” SO we knew instantly this idea would work. Where we went wrong was trying to make it even more unique and adding rum…..
Also, I pay attention to temperature and texture of course.
Look, we saved you a painful step of experimentation! But if you do have a build on this, let me know what you found tasty.

TIME 16:15
Levi: I don’t know about you but between the note sleeping and closing down bars the last 2 nights, I’m pretty tired….
Kurt: we did a play on the Sazerac because we wanted to add some cold brew in to incorporate all the flavors. We have varying opinions on how much coffee to add at the moment, I think we are going to have to revisit this when we have the proper Sazerac Rye instead of Woodford Reserve Rye. We took down the Peychauds bitters from 4 drops to 2?
Levi: Let’s talk about this, we have been thinking about all these drinks, but we start from Googling a recipe to have a starting point. On this one specifically I thought the cocktail would be bitter enough and if we added a coffee flavor it would take it to a more bitter realm. Piece of advice – when you are making cocktails with friends always listen twice to their advice because there is usually a lot both said and ‘unsaid.’ If there is cold brew in a cocktail then it needs to be fairly apparent.
Kurt: We are like 2 hours into this session.
Levi: we started with brainstorming crazy ideas and wrote them all down. Then we did a grocery list. Then we talked through the brainstorming and groceries. I ate a bunch of garlic, then we did the grocery run,

Salty White Russian:
That moment when you realize you’ve been day drinking and are trying to explain things… This one was much harder to type up and talk about because, as mentioned, I had been day drinking allllll day. Then during production you can likely tell that I have been drinking along.

Cold Brew coffee used was a brand new launch from DaVinci Gourmet. To learn more visit

Music by “The Dirty Moogs” title – “Im Alright Instrumental”

ACP 063: Anthem Coffee and Tea in Tacoma Washington

“When Anthem started did you think you would have an employee (Matia Long) serving with your team 10 years later?”



Anthem Coffee Delivering Heroic Hospitality

INTRO: Part 2 of interviewing Bryan Reynolds from Anthem Coffee and Tea in Tacoma Washington. Last episode we talked about how you personally need to cast a vision for your employees to learn and model back to your customers. We also left off with a quote from a visual artist who worked with Bryan, talking about the great ambiance in the cafe, here is Bryan’s response to that quote.

TIME 0:50
Levi: how did you build this culture?
Bryan: it stems from his parents modeling this to him growing up, there was never a stranger to his parents, everyone was a guest. I wanted to make a cafe that had a different focus on customer service because my own first experience in coffee as a customer was an uncomfortable one. You can walk someone through the ordering process in a loving way, giving undivided attention and serve them well. Make the product worth coming back.

TIME 3:05
Levi: “We wont be held accountable for how much we have done, but for how much we have done of what he asks us to do” the take away from that in a cafe would be if we want to make something cool like a fancy wall, how is that really going to improve the customer and employee experience? Do you have a lesson to share?
Bryan: the first time we adopted a virtual punch-card system to ‘bring people back’ but it ultimately it created an entitled customer for a number of reasons. We learned from that and changed it to a pre-load punch-card which has worked even better. We have had many other things that we wanted to do but never even launched. But as long as we learn from this and ‘fail forward’ then we are being made stronger. Its far more of a risk to not try than it is to take a risk.

TIME 8:15
Levi: “I know God will not give me anything I cannot handle, I just with He didn’t trust me so much” your first big fear must have been starting Anthem, but what is the next biggest fear that is around the corner for Anthem?
Bryan: success can lead to failure just as much as remaining dormant can, what scares me is if we coast if we let off the gas pedal. I’m constantly keeping myself tethered to the core values helps from becoming distracted. There’s 60 of us on this team, there’s a lot of moving parts. Which is why we focus on “Better before bigger.” And it leads to ‘how do we make little things like waiting in line better?’ that question led to them creating a Anthem Coffee IOS app. A [customer] line is a good sign because it means there’s something worth waiting for, but finding a way to skip the line ads value to some customers.


TIME 13:05
Levi: what is your 85/10/5 rule?
Bryan: in the book Leading on Empty, the author unpacks this idea, there is 85% of what other people should be doing for you, 10% that you can train leaders to do, and 5% that only you can do. If you don’t take care of you then you can’t take care of others. I love conflict because what’s on the other side of it, which is unity. From the book “Leading on Empty: Refilling Your Tank and Renewing You Passion, by Wayne Cordeiro.

TIME 17:40
Levi: who introduced you to coffee?
Bryan: I was saving money for an engagement ring, so I started working at Cutters Point. I used to drink sweet sweet beverages (Black and White Hot Chocolate with Toasted Marshmallow) then a barista accidentally threw some shots into the drink (turning it into a mocha) and it was game-over, I loved the way it balanced the flavor and I was hooked from then on.


TIME 19:05
Levi: the White Chocolate Mocha is the ‘Gateway Mocha.’ What did you think of that first sip?
Bryan: I don’t drink sweet drinks as much, but I love an Espresso Macchiato, its like a mini-vacation for me. I love tasting different black coffees.

TIME 19:50
Levi: decaf or tea?
Bryan: I would go decaf. There’s something about the smell of coffee, it takes you away. My wife will brew a pot of coffee just for the smell in the house.

Glad you listened to these 2 episodes, some topics we covered that I enjoyed learning were: giving employees light responsibilities to free your time up teaching them lower risk tasks and testing to see where they’re sweet spot is. The small tasks is really part of setting up the “85/10/5% rule” and finding others to help handle 95% of that your workload. Do you remember that story of a customer loyalty program that had outstanding usage but went bust?

Well its time to say goodbye, I’ll let Bryan send us off with this inspiration and challenge “Better before bigger.”

Music in this episode by The Dirty Moogs, via


I wanted to share an email from Bryan when we were setting up this whole interview. After receiving the email I had teased him about stealing it from a TEDTalk, just because it was so well thought out. Here is what he wrote:

The thought process for this topic began after five years in the coffee business, I personally experienced “Burnout”, and then had to take a break for a month and get away from everything to refocus and game plan a new approach.

I read a book called “Leading On Empty” by Wayne Cordeiro, a Pastor in Oahu, where he talks about this 85/10/5 Rule and that began my intentional thinking about the way I lead my business.

85% of what we do anybody else on our team can do, things like taking orders, making beverages, cleaning at the café, opening and closing the shop, 10% of everything we do we can train a more highly skilled leader or manager in, things like ordering and inventory management, leading team meetings, and other things like that, but there’s 5% that only we can do as leaders and will be held accountable for, and this is the most important 5% that we should be doing every day.

So often and for the longest time the 95% ran my day-to-day. I wasn’t running the business, the business was running me, and I was literally just a firefighter running from thing to thing, fire to fire, knee-jerk reacting and leaving a wake of destruction in my path. It was exhausting.

Once I finally took the time to figure out my most important 5%, I wrote those things down and it reshaped my thinking and help me to realize that I can put boundaries on my world for my sanity and that ultimately boundaries would help create balance in work and in life.

My most important 5% is my faith, my personal being, my wife & family, my relationships/friendships and then obviously my roles and responsibilities as a business owner and leader (which are Threefold these days Protecting the Culture, Cultivating Leaders, and Casting Vision) but I know that I can’t lead others well if I haven’t led myself well first, and I can’t give what I don’t have. So I know that I am a very important part of this whole equation and that I need to be developing myself daily.

I believe a lot of business owners and business leaders don’t realize how important they are to their organization and that if they don’t take care of themselves first, how in the world are they going to be able to take care of anyone else?

I believe that developing Guiding Principles (Mission, Vision, Values) are the antidote and the vaccine for avoiding Burnout.

I spend a lot of time these days working with business owners, entrepreneurs, and leaders in helping them to develop their Guiding Principles for their organizations.

It’s actually pretty amazing when in a sober minded moment you’re able to clearly articulate and define your Guiding Principles for not only yourself but for your organization and then how that applies to the way that you think about your business, lead your business, and the decisions that you make. No longer will you be making weary decisions that lead to failures, you’ll be leaving from a place of clarity and intentionally and you’ll see the results that you’ve always hoped for happening by design not accidentally happening by default.

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ACP 062: Anthem Coffee and Tea in Tacoma Washington

Want to know what it takes to keep a cafe open for 10+ years? Listen to Bryan Reynolds from Anthem Coffee and Tea and you can find some answers.

Podcast episode show notes arranged by time:

Hello welcome – I have been talking to a few industry-pros about working IN and not ON your business. To help deep dive a bit let’s spend some time hearing about how Anthem Coffee and Tea went from having an over-worked owner to a healthy and expanding cafe.
Some topics we will cover that I enjoyed learning were: giving employees light responsibilities to free your time up, what is the 85/10/5% rule and finding others to help handle 95% of that your workload, a story of a customer loyalty program that had outstanding usage but went bust, and throughout the 2 part interview you will hear Bryan refer back to his clear vision and mission statement for his cafe which has clearly helped him stay focused while showing his employees how to win at customer service.

TIME 1:05
TIME 2:45
Levi: Asking about the guiding principals….
Bryan explains how he wants his team to show ‘heroic hospitality’ which brings people back. Also talks a little about his exact role as the owner which is to be a role model, help grow sales, and that people are being served well.
TIME 7:35
Levi: Anthem is a good example of a cafe that has co-workers who appear to be friends
. Bryan explains: the line between customer and employee is blurred because the heroic hospitality is contagious and spreads to the customer base. Having this is a clear vision is a foundation.
TIME 8:50
Levi: when Anthem started did you think you would have an employee stay with you for 10 years?
 Bryan explains: finding the right employee who resonates well with your culture and core values will allow you to invest in that employee and grow them. “You have to identify people who have similar strengths and abilities and them replicate yourself in them so that you don’t stay a prisoner to the J.O.B. you created. I want to create jobs, I want to create opportunities for people, I don’t want to be the ceiling.”
Bryan also shares a warning if you get too hands off the business too soon, before you have modeled the culture that you want, then it will likely fade away into its own culture (good or bad) and not the vision you had.
TIME 12:20
Levi: “Solitude is a chosen separation for refining your soul, isolation is what you crave when you neglect the first” how did you get to that first point where you were able to step away for an hour/day/week and what do you wish you had don better?
 Bryan explains: he personally experienced burn-out at year 5. Then inserted a ‘pattern interruption’ in his life to help him gain clarity. Why are we afraid to leave our cafe? Is it because we fear to lose control? In order for our employees to win in the cafe requires that we show them exactly what winning looks like. Once we have trained our team correctly we can trust that we can take a step back.
TIME 17:55

Levi: “I drove hard on all cylinders, not realizing that being an entrepreneur means that everything you initiate by default you must ad to your maintenance list” What was the first task that you handed off first, how can a cafe manager test with small things first before handing off too much?
 Bryan explains: is the starting point, beware of weaknesses so we know where to put people. Involvement equals ownership, getting people involved helps them become more responsible and the best thing is when they see a current process we use at the cafe they know of even better ways to streamline it.
TIME 22:20
Levi: Where did your shirt design “Let is happen naturally” come from? 
Bryan explains: it was a way to recognize when things were starting to bubble up or perhaps getting harder. It was a phrase we used as a team so we made it into a shirt. Also at that time we were using a lot of pour-over coffee brewing and were excited by that.
TIME 24:45
Levi: quoting Carlo “One thing that impressed me was Bryan’s desire to build a hub for the community……….”
Next episode Bryan will talk a little about his parents modeling customer service and a loyalty card that was supposed to ‘bring customers back’ but created an entitled customer. Sound good to you?
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ACP 059: Caffeine Crawl in Madison Wisconsin

Do you go on cafe or bar crawls? This fall in Madison, Wisconsin I got to do the event, big event with a lot of logistics and moving parts. Lots to organize, great exposure for local cafes and super fun for the local community. For me as an attendee it was a great chance to see the whole local scene at one time, stopping into shops that I haven’t been into before.
This episode can be thought of as an extension of the Yelp (episode 54) podcast we did, making a special event and getting people out to see you.

TIME 2:55 : Local coverage…
Sadie from took to getting local coverage for and all other cafes, reaching out to all media know about. It was important to have a killer after party to end the whole day off on a great note as a whole group of coffee crawlers, all were invited.

TIME 3:35 : Levi’s comments…
If you’re going to setup an event you may not be able to get TV coverage, but what about at least setting the event up on Facebook/Yelp/CouchSurfing/MeetUp/Twitter #YourTown/other sites like local paper? This is SO IMPORTANT.
Think of the next thing, what is the next event you want to promote? The Crawl had a TNT, then after the TNT a local bar to grab drinks? Make sure to leave off with a “Thank you for visiting our cafe and don’t forget about our next event…”

TIME 4:45 : Cafe-Collaboration…
When planning make your first goal to have shops shine in the way they feel comfortable and proud of and is unique to them. Make sure that the samples being served are totally delicious and wonderful, also test to make sure the team can make multiple samples back-to-back-to-back.

TIME 6:00 : Levi’s comments…
Work ON your business not just IN your business.
As Sadie talks to cafes she learns about different roasters who want to have a small pop-up because they don’t have a local retail location. Like JBC, hosting a party because they don’t have retail space at this time, it was perfect for them to open the roastery and welcome people in.
Serve a drink you’re proud of and make sure the other spots aren’t serving that drink as well.

TIME 7:10 : Putting together routes…
Pair businesses that work together well, could be a few surprises along the way, especially little snacks to eat. Craft beverages and foods fit together. This is a chance to meet the makers in the background of the local community.

TIME 8:40 : Levi’s comments…
If you make an event will there be an over-arching theme such as “Coffee in the spring” or “Coffee drinks made without dairy” or “Meet the makers”? Think about what you can do that is super special. What about 1980’s theme, each location playing their favorite ‘80s tunes all day?

TIME 9:50 : How to prepare, catering to customers…
You need 10-15 minutes of great intro to your cafe for people to listen to, you will repeat this the whole day so practice it!
Bridge the gap of enthusiast and pro barista. Meet customers where they are at, whether you’re a hip 4th wave or a Java Jive Cafe with free wifi.
Good chance for someone to see what the community can offer them, this is a chance for people to pick their new favorite cafe in town.
Encourage guests to ask if someone has questions. Leave plenty of time for the community to chat. Important for everyone to feel comfortable and welcome.

TIME 12:50 : Levi’s comments…
This is a great chance for you to make an elevator speech for your business, from there stretch it to a 10 minute pitch.

TIME 14:10 : Columbus Ohio recap…
Old and New contrast, things that don’t seem to fit can be special, even for their contrast. Some may even say that “the obstacle IS the way.”

TIME 16:35 : Levi’s comments…
You can make cafes that don’t really ‘fit together’ and make it work, collaborate, rising tide raises all ships.
That next weekend after an event like this be sure to have a post-event hangout for all the staff(s) who worked the event, re-give a briefing of your speech and best practices you noticed. After all, this event is as much for you as it is for the people who are attending it.

TIME 17:30 : How can you be a great cafe to work with?…
Being accessible is key. Check your email, be alert when serving drinks.

TIME 19:35 : Levi’s comments…
Prepare, have everything setup the day or week before so you can attend to last minute details and also be promoting the actual event the day before, rather then not at all after the fact.
Have fun. Check in with everyone face to face that is working the event to see if they are alright. Appreciate them, make sure they are supported. Drink the drinks they are working on and provide feedback like “I think people are really going to like this part of your presentation.”

TIME 21:10 : National drink trends…
Nitro coffee on Draft, bridging the gap between craft beer and coffee. Impressive baristas working hard to master niches. Coffee/Cocktails (like gin with coffee).

TIME 24:00 : Levi’s comments…
Get out there and host something special for everyone. Don’t be afraid to try something totally different. Contact other businesses in your area and get something special going, who knows where it will lead to =]

MUSIC : The Dirty Moogs, Clause. Podington Bear, Now Son. Podington Bear, Movin On Up. Podington Bear, Now Son.

ACP 058: Tulsa Coffee Crawl

Topeca Coffee in Tulsa hangs photos of their coffee farm on their wall, then roasts it to be tasty

A photo posted by Levi Andersen (@audio_cafe) on

1) Coffee crawling through Tulsa, OK
2) Meeting baristas is a great thing
3) Get out there and try stuff, bring people with you
4) Thank you to Samuel Smith (video below), for coming along with me on the trip

1) Ask baristas ‘where should I go next’ and use Yelp to save the answers
2) Cold Brew nitro with vanilla and cream was outrageously great
3) Maple Soda uses shelf stable ingredients that don’t expire or require to be ‘dialed in’

Reason to interact:
1) Map of the places I went
2) Maple Soda and Sparkling Green Tea recipe
3) Photos of the drinks (below!)

“How do I use Yelp to find cool places?”
1) Look for 3-5 star ratings
2) Number of reviews and photos should be higher relative to other local cafes/places
3) Keep track on your favorites list when someone suggests a place, then when in a new area open up your “Bookmarks” tab in the mobile app
4) Checkout podcast #54

I got to see Tulsa Oklahoma through three peoples eyes in the last two days. One girl has Family ties to the land, literally the very Native American clan who named this place Tulsa so very long ago. She also had dinosaur bones in her house that I got to see, while Indiana Jones played in the background on her XBox. Another girl who I would call a traveling bartender, staying in town for a few months or years experiencing the area, but always looking to the next place that may quench her thirst again, for now. And finally I worked out of the café this morning while I watched a barista who I had met when he was a teenager. He's now moving up in the world and shared his experience about going to New York and Vancouver Canada because of his skill and craft with coffee. I grabbed my phone and looked up his name, where I found a bunch of notes about him and his coworker and a wonderful experience I had here almost exactly 2 years ago . I have it to him on his break while we reconnected and laugh and over how I described him back then . Three different people, two industries, one city. Tulsa

A video posted by Levi Andersen (@audio_cafe) on

Time 2:18
    Visit the show notes for ISI Whipped cream recipes. I’ve seen some sped-up extraction recipes.
    How can you tell if its real ice? …It melts.
Time 3:45
    Different levels of carbonation for different brands
    Real Maple or Honey does change the mouth feel, LINK to brands and their level of carbonation. Sometimes a high level of carbonation is great because some recipes have a lot of other ingredients competing for the total volume of the drink itself.
Time 4:44
    Espresso Tonic recipe, Levi uses just a hint of espresso in his recipe to allow for coffee to be the background flavor, rather than having it dominate the flavor profile.
    Thought – why don’t we look at espresso as a background flavor?
Time 6:50
    Owl Puccino signature drink, the name plays into what the cafe used to be called. What about a signature drink called the Al-Puccino, and it can be made with almond milk?
Time 8:30
    Foolish Things Coffee Company, don’t be foolish, ask questions.
    Oak Aged Cold Brew Float – was cool, you can use a brand like Time & Oak to get those flavors. They used local ice cream but not enough, lost the woody-flavor but like the idea and it was fun.
    Cold Brew Soda with Blueberry Shrubs –
Time 13:00
    Do the next thing, hop on Yelp and find a cafe then ask the barista ‘where should I go next?’ and they may direct you to some wonderful place or party that only the locals know about. I also use Yelp to bookmark places I will visit in the future when you’re in that town.
Time 15:30
    Why don’t we list the barista that came up with that signature drink like they do at fancy bars?

Yelp, raining bird poop in Tulsa…

A video posted by Levi Andersen (@audio_cafe) on


Thank you to Podington Bear, for lending the track Gravy.

ACP 057: Levi Gets Interviewed Pt. 3

Episode 3 of 3, the in park interview. Above is a short video of me making the Reversed Irish Coffee recipe (no booze).

Please enjoy this recipe and if you menu it or make it for a party

Reversed Irish Coffee Recipe:

  • 4 oz cold brew (concentrate)
  • 1 oz Jameson
  • Pour those into a pint glass filled with ice or chill in a freezer
  • Separately heat up to 150-160F
  • 2 oz half and half (or cream)
  • 1 oz DaVinci Gourmet Naturals Vanilla
  • Put these warmed ingredients into a small (small is essential) french press and agitate by plunging swiftly till textured
  • Pour chilled coffee and Jameson into a frozen 8 oz mug, straining the ice
  • Tilt the mug so the coffee is always near the lip/rim, then pour the warm cream on stop in the same fashion
  • Top with coffee grounds, serve

Show notes:

Time 1:10 – Levi talks about the Reversed Irish Coffee recipe, his new favorite coffee cocktail.
Time 4:40 – “Where is the industry going with beverage recipes, to mocktails?” Talk a little about bottomless portafilters and the MAVAM espresso machine. Also the DaVinci Gourmet Iced Coffee syrup was mentioned for restaurants that don’t have an espresso machine.
Time 5:40 – There is no new origin or ingredients on the market, like the past the stories that spice traders would make up to keep from finding their spices. Barista Meets Barman presentation at 2016 TOTC, you have just one machine and one area to make things for coffee. For a bar there may be multiple bar stations.
Time 7:10  “What I like about going to a cool cafe is that I know I’m going to get a beverage from someone who loves beverages.” Baristas are being more and more serious and well studied on their craft.
Time 7:30 – “How do we come up with an idea for a new syrup?” is asked and Levi talks about challenges with that.
Time 8:10 – Booze Milkshake recipes you say? I’m in but it really is work, even though it sounds like a total dream.
Time 8:25Peach Chipotle coffee recipes? Peach Chipotle White Mocha? Sprite-Asada recipe? How are you thinking about recipes with coffee in them, do you have to use a whole 1-2 oz shot or do you use just a little espresso in your recipes? Have you tried an Espresso Tonic with just a little (0.25 oz) espresso in it? What are you assuming incorrectly about approaching coffee recipes? Why don’t you pull all of your ingredients out and look at what you have?
Time 10:30 – question “If you woke tomorrow in the same world but you knew no one, what would you do?” has helped me come to new ideas. Look at what you can create when you forget all of your assumptions about hurdles. As the book title says, “The Obstacle is the Way”
Time 12:25 – Fruit Loop Frappe “It looks like a clown went to art school”
Time 13:25 – Why not try to do that crazy business idea? What are you doing to up your game as a barista? That is where I met great people like Laila Ghambari. One of my coffee epiphanies came from just different dosing of espresso weight then tasting the difference.
Time 15:55 – “Super Natural” natural opportunities in life that you can turn into learning or opportunities. Laila taught us all the basics. Caffe Ladro in Seattle used a head Coffee Trainer, a manager at each cafe, then also a Coffee Educator to each of the 11 locations so each location has the same coffee experience.
Time 18:30 – Coffee books with bizarre recipes, trying all the recipes was really fun. Gilligan’s Island Latte, Marzipan Latte, making fun drinks like that.
Time 19:40 – Using the perfect brown bananas. Bananas actually are an easy and great analogy for learning about flavor, green/yellow/brown banana. Red Velvet Mocha recipe.
Time 21:10 – Do the weird unexpected twists, such as using dynamic texture or dynamic temperatures together. Chia seeds can be hydrated with Oregon Chai liquid and made into a Chia Chai Soda, Chia Chai Aperol Spritz recipe (I said it was carbonated but I think I spoke incorrectly there oops!).
Time 26:10 – The big take away of look what you can add to these businesses, be scrappy on how to start out, an make sure you properly evaluate your talent.

ACP 056: Levi Gets Interviewed Pt. 2

Some of the highlights from this podcast will include:

  • People are the biggest thing in your business, the right people bring in all the best opportunities.
  • Levi talks a little about oatmeal coffee? Yum or no?
  • How do you convince people to work in one area over another, such as the register over the espresso machine? Conflicts disguised as opportunity, a conflict brings up a topic that clearly needs to be addressed.
  • What its like to start a cafe, get married, and go back to school all at the same time. It’s very hard but it can be done if you focus and have support. On the flip side having a cafe during a divorce, how do you turn this around.
  • What its like to work from 4:30A to 6:30P to get your cafe up and running on its feet? Its better to have a more time to work ON your business rather than always be working IN your business.
  • What its like to attend and speak at a event 6 times per year.



I ate this recipe for a summer, depending on taste you can add in raisins, maple syrup, or DaVinci Gourmet Naturals Vanilla syrup to sweeten it up.


30g Bob’s Red Mill – 7 Grain Hot Cereal
10g Viva Labs Organic Maca Powder
0.2g Wild Oats Marketplace Organic Cinnamon
7g Plentiful Planet Organic Raw Pumpkin Seed Kernals
30g Crunchy Peanut Butter
15g (3 Tbsp) Dandy Blend
10g Kirkland Signature Organic Coconut Oil
280g (10 fl oz) hot water

Blend together!


Thanks to the Dirty Moogs for the killer background music

APC 055: Levi Gets Interviewed Pt. 1

I’m off to Coffee Fest Anaheim but wanted to post this ASAP! See ya’ll in California? =]


Topeca Coffee in Tulsa hangs photos of their coffee farm on their wall, then roasts it to be tasty

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Thanks to Behance for my logo design.

ACP 054: Corey Dane from Yelp

Hello, Levi here =] Summer 2015, I sat down with Corey Dane at a local cafe to talk about how cafes should use to get more business. As a former coffee stand owner I used it myself and know for a fact that people came in because of the app/site. helped people discover my business who would otherwise not have found me. I’m also someone who uses Yelp several times per month, mostly to find new places to eat (especially when on the road/traveling).

This episode you will learn:

  • Overall strategy you should use when starting a Yelp page
  • How to reward fans
  • Dealing with negative reviews
  • Rewarding your staff for a job well done.
BIO: Corey Dane Corey Dane hails from Chicago and worked as a voice over artist, TV host and arts administrator before joining Yelp in 2010. Since then he’s created and cultivated two robust communities of consumers looking to connect with great local businesses, first in Tucson, AZ and most recently in Madison, WI. In his current role as Manager of Local Business Outreach, Corey travels North America, speaking with business owners about leveraging the power of Yelp to help grow their business.
Show notes by time:
  • Time 3:20
    • Q: What is the first step when starting a Yelp profile?
    • A: First look to see if anyone has started you a page or if you’re already listed as a business. If its brand new how long before you should start a Yelp page. Start all other social media first then leave Yelp as one of the last. Plus you want to leverage that HOT AND NEW Yelp endorsement when you are actually open and people can come and buy things from you right away.
  • Time 4:30
    • Stagger the build out of your business plan, first pick a concept, then find a location, train, get a photo shoot ready, then 1-2 weeks before launch that Yelp.
  • Time 6:00
    • Yelp started as Yocal – like local and yo check this out!
  • Time 7:55
    • Post events at your business on! That would get people to find your new business and get Yelp Elite’s (super users) attention. 70% of browsing on Yelp is done via the app.
  • Time 9:40
    • “Cuppa-Yelp” as an idea for a fun event to get people out. A group of unique cafes offering different helpful stuff like ‘cupping’ or milk ’texturing’ or just a $1 off different and unique items. Its really event-marketing and pulling people in because of the event itself. The firs step to gaining a regular is getting them into your door.
  • Time 11:45
    • How do you get a Yelp users attention? What draws them in? You sell them an experience, more than just food. They will want to come experience that thing at your business and pay you to do it. What gets your interest, what is exciting to you? “You never know what’s going to grab people” so experiment.
  • Time 13:25
    • “How do you speak their language?” Corey response to that question.
  • Time 17:30
    • The big takeaway is figure out exactly your ideal cafe can serve, then people will know what they will get before they GET there. Have pictures of your staff waving at the Yelper, be totally transparent so people aren’t surprised when they visit.
  • Time 19:30
    • Denver cafe, Steam ( is leveraging reviews from Yelp users on their website. Its like picking a customer of the month, but also like picking a Yelper of the month? Customer AND Yelper of the month? Should you leverage these into ads if you’re going to use them on Facebook? Best to describe your cafe from someone else’s eyes.
  • Time 21:00
    • Incentives for reviews? Well, they can be in-authentic if there is an expectation for a reward. Recognize them when they come in, print out the good reviews and have them at the register with that persons photo so your staff can say thanks to them personally. Leave a nice note for them and toss them a scone or something they wouldn’t consider buying already.
  • Time 24:30
    • Check-in offers for visiting your cafe? Put an Ad of the offer on FB/Twitter of users who aren’t already a fan/following your business. You can even offer a free high-five or thumbs up if you want to be quirky.
  • Time 26:25
    • But you gotta wash them hands…… so how about a hug?
  • Time 27:55
    • POS check-in offers, there is more help at When you have a check-in offer it shows up on Yelp with a little star and it really helps stand out in the search engine and captures people’s attention, making them more likely to come in an visit. If you offer something I recommend it not being a beverage, but rather a food item that is unique to your coffeehouse.
  • Time 28:55
    • Add Yelp-burst onto your site to cross promote and get people interested in leaving a review or sharing YOUR site on THEIR social media.
  • Time 29:55
    • Yelp is all about CONNECTING the community. Anytime you use Yelp or a user review remember its a way to connect your customers to other customers who love your brand. don’t be surprised if one Yelper becomes the local celebrity-endorser of your cafe.
  • Time 30:40
    • Newsletters that have themes to users. Make sure you’re getting the business owner newsletter and read the tips there.
  • Time 31:45
    • Events that people talk about may get in the newsletter, get your event up there and it will get noticed, you don’t have to do more than that.
  • Time 32:00
    • Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh negative reviews….. respond to good and bad. Rather than just responding and saying thanks, why don’t you respond and say ‘thanks for coming in next week we are featuring this special event or drink’ if its a good review – but what to do with bad reviews……
  • Time 35:45
    • If you have a staff member who needs guidance, leverage yelp reviews to use them as a starting point to talk to them. It will show that their actions are being noticed by customers (good or bad). Reward staff for good behavior.
  • Time 38:00
    • Photos: “thanks for helping us tell our story” what a great phrase. Make sure you caption the photos, and personally I love when there is a month and year listed. I first upload in Instagram then take that gorgeous photo and pump it onto Yelp after that. Take a look at for inspiration.
  • Time 40:55
    • “People are looking for the best ways to spend their hard earned money”  people in the community trying to lift up other wonderful things in their community.
  • Time 42:50
    • How often should you check your account to stay on top of it? Mostly just keep pace with it all as it comes in. If you are checking your Yelp everyday and notice you’re getting 1 review a week, then why check more often that once a week? Don’t burn yourself out, but you do want to stay in tune.

ACP 053: New Orleans Coffee Crawl

August 27th 2015 marks the 10 year anniversary of when Hurricane Katrina touched down in New Orleans. I was just flying out of New Orleans the Monday before the storm touched down, close timing. I remember visiting Cafe Du Monde, I actually had two cans of coffee from them that I took back home.

This episode shows what the cafe culture is like in the city here today. The next podcast will show a little piece of the story of the city.

    • TIME 2:55
        • If you want to know what it looks like when a New Orleans resident takes over a cafe space from a big chain that had intense colors and worn-out floors, you should look up Pulp And Grind on 644 Camp St in the Warehouse District. Look them up on Yelp, or visit this episodes show notes to find out what-the-fuss is going on with those Bagel Bombs they’re cooking up.




  • TIME 3:30
      • While we were there Becca made me some chai she’s working on, we tried some of their juices….. Woohoo! But… (music stop) I don’t exactly have a recording of that. Because. We accidentally locked our phones and bags in the back room. With the backup keys….. ooops.






  • TIME 4:20
    • Flashforward with me now past all of that and to us leaving, where you get to hear us leaving with those same keys we accidentally locked in the back room! From there we got a ride from one cafe to the next spot.
  • TIME 8:20


Getting my craft #doughnut (#donut) on!

A photo posted by Levi Andersen (@audio_cafe) on

  • TIME 14:00
      • District Donuts location – did you hear my excitement about the Maple Sriracha doughnut?





  • TIME 15:45
      • Revelator Coffee, totally got lost on ‘637 Tchoupitoulas’ before running into Brandon Paul Weaver. Very sleek space, minimalist, very limited and specific menu.






  • TIME 17:00
    • Thanks to a special barista from Spitfire Espresso Bar
    • New Orleans is an old city, 1920 larger population than today, 384,000 residents. NOLA being a very traditional sport where things don’t change quick, its richly STEEPED in traditions and character.
    • Backup and thank Byron, Spitfire Coffee off St Peter for making my list. That part of the city has buildings older than America itself.
  • TIME 20:00


Here is a link to where I stayed in AirBnb, it was gorgeous. The host left me notes, beer, magazines with local events. All of that great stuff, highly suggest it (if you don’t mind being a couple miles from down town).

No I did not visit Cafe Du Monde this time, I have in the past though. Also, Spitfire is awesome. I didn’t mention them in the podcast, but it was the shop I went to almost every single day.