ACP 071: Drinking Aquavit in Norway

A magician walks into a bar in Trondheim, Norway, orders an Aquavit cocktail, twirls his mustache, then meets me, Levi. “Let’s talk Aquavit…… the Nordic spirit”


TIME 1:40 Bargician!
TIME 2:20 0:50 Aquavit ‘water of life’
TIME 2:40 potato based spirit, barrels of aquavit
TIME 5:35 Joe Patrick, @Bargician

Recipe time!

  • Iced Aquavit Cocktail
    4 oz cold coffee
    0.5 oz Cointreau
    1 oz Aquavit
  • Hot Aquavit Cocktail
    0.75 oz Cointreau
    1 oz Aquavit
    6 oz drip coffee
    Orange zest

TIME 7:40 taste it as it’s cooling
TIME 9:05 tea? Coffee? Roast?

Special thanks to Joe Patrick, @Bargician on Instagram and Danny Blaha @DLBlaha. Music by Todd Janes for writing and performing “Free Drip Friday


Fun Aquavit recipes and history:

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