Audio Cafe 007: Who is Tracy Allen?

Tracy Allen

Tracy Allen

Tracy Allen: coffee educator & strategist. Consultant to coffee roasting companies and producing countries globally. 2nd Vice President of the Specialty Coffee Association of America.

This episode is about Tracy Allen and what he has seen happening in the Specialty Coffee Industry over the past 25 years. Did you know he was there during the beginning of the United States Barista Championship competitions? Tracy shares experiences like that and tells us what its like living as a certified Super Taster.

Levi and Tracy at SCAA, 2014

Yes this episode was over an hour, and can you believe I even trimmed parts out? Incredible guest who was kind and generous with his time and insights.

Coffee rust affecting Honduras

A snapshot from Roast Magazine talking about coffee rust affecting farmers.

  • Tracy is a great guy and a great asset to the coffee industry.

  • J. David Sapp

    Thanks Levi…really enjoyed that — years ago I had the privilege of having Tracy as head judge the first time I competed. I’ll never forget some kind advice he gave me after I disqualified…he’s truly a class act, at work for the good of the coffee industry and its people!