ACP 057: Levi Gets Interviewed Pt. 3

Episode 3 of 3, the in park interview. Above is a short video of me making the Reversed Irish Coffee recipe (no booze).

Please enjoy this recipe and if you menu it or make it for a party

Reversed Irish Coffee Recipe:

  • 4 oz cold brew (concentrate)
  • 1 oz Jameson
  • Pour those into a pint glass filled with ice or chill in a freezer
  • Separately heat up to 150-160F
  • 2 oz half and half (or cream)
  • 1 oz DaVinci Gourmet Naturals Vanilla
  • Put these warmed ingredients into a small (small is essential) french press and agitate by plunging swiftly till textured
  • Pour chilled coffee and Jameson into a frozen 8 oz mug, straining the ice
  • Tilt the mug so the coffee is always near the lip/rim, then pour the warm cream on stop in the same fashion
  • Top with coffee grounds, serve

Show notes:

Time 1:10 – Levi talks about the Reversed Irish Coffee recipe, his new favorite coffee cocktail.
Time 4:40 – “Where is the industry going with beverage recipes, to mocktails?” Talk a little about bottomless portafilters and the MAVAM espresso machine. Also the DaVinci Gourmet Iced Coffee syrup was mentioned for restaurants that don’t have an espresso machine.
Time 5:40 – There is no new origin or ingredients on the market, like the past the stories that spice traders would make up to keep from finding their spices. Barista Meets Barman presentation at 2016 TOTC, you have just one machine and one area to make things for coffee. For a bar there may be multiple bar stations.
Time 7:10  “What I like about going to a cool cafe is that I know I’m going to get a beverage from someone who loves beverages.” Baristas are being more and more serious and well studied on their craft.
Time 7:30 – “How do we come up with an idea for a new syrup?” is asked and Levi talks about challenges with that.
Time 8:10 – Booze Milkshake recipes you say? I’m in but it really is work, even though it sounds like a total dream.
Time 8:25Peach Chipotle coffee recipes? Peach Chipotle White Mocha? Sprite-Asada recipe? How are you thinking about recipes with coffee in them, do you have to use a whole 1-2 oz shot or do you use just a little espresso in your recipes? Have you tried an Espresso Tonic with just a little (0.25 oz) espresso in it? What are you assuming incorrectly about approaching coffee recipes? Why don’t you pull all of your ingredients out and look at what you have?
Time 10:30 – question “If you woke tomorrow in the same world but you knew no one, what would you do?” has helped me come to new ideas. Look at what you can create when you forget all of your assumptions about hurdles. As the book title says, “The Obstacle is the Way”
Time 12:25 – Fruit Loop Frappe “It looks like a clown went to art school”
Time 13:25 – Why not try to do that crazy business idea? What are you doing to up your game as a barista? That is where I met great people like Laila Ghambari. One of my coffee epiphanies came from just different dosing of espresso weight then tasting the difference.
Time 15:55 – “Super Natural” natural opportunities in life that you can turn into learning or opportunities. Laila taught us all the basics. Caffe Ladro in Seattle used a head Coffee Trainer, a manager at each cafe, then also a Coffee Educator to each of the 11 locations so each location has the same coffee experience.
Time 18:30 – Coffee books with bizarre recipes, trying all the recipes was really fun. Gilligan’s Island Latte, Marzipan Latte, making fun drinks like that.
Time 19:40 – Using the perfect brown bananas. Bananas actually are an easy and great analogy for learning about flavor, green/yellow/brown banana. Red Velvet Mocha recipe.
Time 21:10 – Do the weird unexpected twists, such as using dynamic texture or dynamic temperatures together. Chia seeds can be hydrated with Oregon Chai liquid and made into a Chia Chai Soda, Chia Chai Aperol Spritz recipe (I said it was carbonated but I think I spoke incorrectly there oops!).
Time 26:10 – The big take away of look what you can add to these businesses, be scrappy on how to start out, an make sure you properly evaluate your talent.