Audio Cafe 047: Interview with Jack Groot from JP’s Coffee in Michigan Pt. 2

Jack Groot on Audio Cafe Podcast March 2015

  • Timeline:
  • 1:00 “What’s more important, the coffee or the customer?”
    • You can be proud of your products, but if you’re snobby about it then you’ve missed the point of serving people
    • You can humbly tell people that you think you have the very best coffee or products. Always be ready to share WHY you think you’re the best, sharing through education NOT arrogance. Can you celebrate your industry with your competitors? If no then you may be arrogant
  • 4:00 coffee from someone who loves coffee
  • 5:00 have taste testing, if you think you have the best coffee in town then put your money where your spout is and offer refunds for not serving great brews
  • 8:20 how do you prepare you staff to talk to customers, do you script answers for your staff? Jack Groot: “We would give them the education and information they need and then let them share it in a way that they felt was correct for the customer.”
  • 11:00 Would you use Kickstarter to start a business, how do you feel about debt?
  • 15:30 Should you open a cafe where there are no other coffeehouses? Should you open a cafe if there s a Starbucks near by? What should I do if Starbucks is opening by my coffeeshop?

Thanks Jack!