Audio Cafe: 041: 2015 Foodservice Predictions

I found this article which has 10 predictions that I totally agree with. You can see them all here.

Building off that list I wanted to add some of my own food predictions:

fortune cookie future predictions

  1. Video Blogs Replacing Menus
    1. Helping you plan a head and answering all the questions you may have. Wouldn’t it be impressive to get a text with a link to a video of a chef explaining their seasonal specials?
    2. Videos of the chef selecting meat, or playing around with new dishes that aren’t on the menu yet.order food through your iphone
  2. Voting Online for the Next Direction
    1. From main dishes to cocktails, restaurant managers will be taking notice from KickStarter and letting the public in on what they have in mind, allowing them to vote a head of time.
    2. In the end this will create super fans who can say “I voted for this dish” and now have to order it, and will allow restaurants to populate their menu with the most popular pre-selling dishes.retro salt and pepper shakers
  3. Guest Chefs or Culinary Icons Crossing Food Genres
    1. I’m looking forward to seeing more experts combining forces for one unforgettable experience. Like Kaldis Coffee Roasters in St Louis, who periodically creates a restaurant popup and hosts meals with coffee. They feed up to 30 people  up to 9 courses! Nine! Every one of them has coffee (their coffee of course) as an ingredient in the dish. All of the wait staff and chefs are actual employees, from baristas designing menus, loading dock workers creating desserts, to the Marketing Manager playing chef for the night.giant macaroni
  4. No More Secrets Between Competitors
    1. In the coffee world I am already seeing direct competitors sharing their secrets with each other. The truth is the coffee community is tight, and there are a lot of friends serving the same customers. Rather than trying to protect their secrets more businesses are embracing their differences as a marketing point. Maybe they have realized there is enough business to go around for everyone.BigCentral uppercut boxing gym 2014
  5. Turning a Job Into a Career
    1. More baristas are finding ways to make a living and even support a family off of what used to be an entry level position. As more information is available and more competitions are springing up for different niches, so the most elite barista/bartender/sommelier/mixologist/ect are being rewarded.history of whiskey
  6. Telling the History Behind the Food or Drink
    1. Who invented Irish Coffee? Why is it a Tom Collins, or Arnold Palmer? What difference does Saigon cinnamon make over another cinnamon? These new menus will explain why that ingredients matters and create a connection through stories. It will also be a great springboard for conversations between guests.

Anything I missed? Better yet, if you have seen one of these please let me know on Twitter (@Boyrista) or in the comments.

  • bethanygbell

    Great podcast, Levi! Your predictions are spot-on.