Audio Cafe 040: Why Your Cafe May Be Slower After Christmas

Why Your Cafe May Be Slower After Christmas

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  • People may be broke from all the holiday shopping
  • People are on vacation and not in their routine or out of town
  • People gave each other gift cards to cafes and so they are being used, or gifted coffee and coffee brewers
  • People are on diets and though you may have the same visitors, they may not be spending as much money
  • People are ‘Cutting back on coffee’ specifically (this is why you need great tea options, you don’t want them to change their routine)

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I was fortunate to have 7 years of experience working with coffee before opening my own shop or I would have been terrified about my sales numbers between Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Its just a slower time for coffee sales in suburban areas (like where I was). No way around it.

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Take my advice and don’t do anything drastic. If you have the opportunity you should plan your vacation time around this slower period.

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As they say, being anxious is just allowing your creativity to work in reverse.

reindeer triviaInstead of fretting, take this slower time to immerse yourself in the community around you. Here’s a blog post I wrote with 7 reasons to visit your local competition: (


santa happy hourI also used to take the slower time in January to finish my taxes. You gotta do them sometime =]