Gordie Bufton doesnt drink coffee

Audio Cafe 035: Gordie Bufton, Lessons from a Valet pt. 1

How do you build instantly trust with a stranger?

Sean stephensons 10k speeches event

Levi headed to speaking training

I met Gordie (GordieBufton.com) This November at Sean Stephenson’s 10K Speeches event. I was there to learn more about public speaking and how to be a better podcast host.

Gordie Bufton doesnt drink coffee

The one, the only, Gordie Bufton

Gordie and I met as he was volunteering to help attendees during the weekend. He shared his story of how he used to valet expensive cars and had to make his customers feel safe instantly.

I teach baristas how to make new customers feel welcome, but how do you make someoneĀ feel okay with hanging over their keys?

Naturally I thought we could all learn some or at least be inspired and encouraged by his stories.

  • Thanks Gordie, best non-coffee drinking guest we’ve had! šŸ˜‰