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Audio Cafe 048: Honest Branding

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe”Simon Sinek

In February 2015 I took the opportunity to work a booth at the Natural Products West Expo in Anaheim, California. While I was there I met Joanna from Honest Tea and she shared a story with me that was amazing. This 11 minute episode is inspired by our chat.

144 Joanna from honest Tea at NPWE2015


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  • Time-stamp:
  • 1:00 Joanna from Honest Tea
    • recording if people are stealing or paying for tea
    • Joanna: “We’re honest with our ingredients, and we just want to see how other people feel about honesty” totally on brand
  • 3:00
    • Take your brand name, mission, product, then connect it with your customers in a new and unexpected way. As you go, what other information can you discover and share with more people along the way?
  • 4:00
    • Joshua Boyt’s lost Metronome, ‘Motro-Gnome’ search and rescue PR stunt. Keep your marketing in theme with your brand as a whole. Metronome in Tacoma WA, on
  • 6:00
    • Coupon for free tea on Facebook, simply post 1 of 3 inspirational quotes, 95% success rate of taking the coupon and posting the quote
  • 7:00
    • End of Power, no business has a monopoly in the current age. Marketing in the future will just be transparency showing the good that each brand does. The most effective marketing is showing the why behind the what: “People buy why you do, not what you do.” James Altucher podcast
  • 8:00
    • making a video of what they were already doing in front of customers
  • 9:30
    • Do something totally unique and on brand for you company
  • 10:00
    • See you at the 2015 SCAA / WBC, booth #3005. We’re  going to chat about ice quality next week


Link to article on ‘Keeping America Honest’

Audio Cafe 047: Interview with Jack Groot from JP’s Coffee in Michigan Pt. 2

Jack Groot on Audio Cafe Podcast March 2015

  • Timeline:
  • 1:00 “What’s more important, the coffee or the customer?”
    • You can be proud of your products, but if you’re snobby about it then you’ve missed the point of serving people
    • You can humbly tell people that you think you have the very best coffee or products. Always be ready to share WHY you think you’re the best, sharing through education NOT arrogance. Can you celebrate your industry with your competitors? If no then you may be arrogant
  • 4:00 coffee from someone who loves coffee
  • 5:00 have taste testing, if you think you have the best coffee in town then put your money where your spout is and offer refunds for not serving great brews
  • 8:20 how do you prepare you staff to talk to customers, do you script answers for your staff? Jack Groot: “We would give them the education and information they need and then let them share it in a way that they felt was correct for the customer.”
  • 11:00 Would you use Kickstarter to start a business, how do you feel about debt?
  • 15:30 Should you open a cafe where there are no other coffeehouses? Should you open a cafe if there s a Starbucks near by? What should I do if Starbucks is opening by my coffeeshop?

Thanks Jack!


Audio Cafe 046: Interview with Jack Groot from JP’s Coffee in Michigan

  • 311 Jack Groot at Coffee Fest with Levi AndersenA Little Time Stamp to Help You Navigate Topics by Time
  • 1:00 – Intro
    • A harem of hipsters, deal breaker?
  • 6:00 – We are rarely 100% present with our customers
    • Randy Jackson “Music is a serious thing in here for you, but for the public it’s pure enjoyment”
    • When you are with your customer, take care of your customer
    • “When I can serve someone else that’s when success can follow”
    • “Without the customer you only have a hobby”
    • “Remember your passion is meant to be a gift to others in the expression of a well made coffee beverage. Your passion is for you to explore, the results are for your customer to enjoy”
  • 16:00 – How long did it take you to realize you were in the people business?
    • “My goal was not to sell you anything, my goal was to make you smile”
  • 20:00 – Does it have to be good coffee for it to be special?
    • What if you don’t realize your coffee is gross?
  • 25:00 – Find someone to teach and lead you
    • If you own a cafe you’d better know the details, you’d better know good coffee, or how do you stay in business?
    • Its easy to look down on someone who isn’t as advanced as you, how can you learn and improve everyday?
    • Where
  • 27:00 – Flavored coffee, necessary evil?
  • 28:00 – “If your expression of coffee does not resonate with the demographics in your area you will fail”
    • You can teach someone a new skill, but if the business owner is not inherently good at business, this will be a hard venture
  • 29:00 – Can a small town support a pour over brew bar?
    • Start with just having a ‘good cup of coffee’ before you try to re-create the Taj Mahal of coffee
    • If you don’t make money then you don’t really have a business
  • 31:00 – Be better than the other guys around you
    • Chick-fil-A is elevating their coffee game (33:00 hands down great coffee)
    • Thrive Coffee
    • Good coffee is good for everyone

Thanks again Jack Groot for coming on and sharing your enthusiasm for running a business. For more about Jack, visit