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Audio Cafe 031: Why You Do What You Do

Levi shares what he learned from watching multiple coffeehouses close down.

BigCentral uppercut boxing gym 2014

From helping his mom close two businesses, to saving a coffee stand by purchasing it in 2010 and selling it in 2012 – Levi has learned first hand what it means to be an owner. Here Levi shares why he works so hard to help business owners make great drinks and build their profits.

Audio Cafe 029: Using a Landmark to Get Attention

One way to connect with customers and grow your business that many owners overlook. Yet it is another way to standout from the crowd and get attention. If you have a great landmark you will even be able to leverage social media as customers take pictures outside your cafe. These could be customers who don’t even ‘Like’ or ‘Follow’ your company on social media. Think of the oportunities, now get out there and do something!

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