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Audio Cafe 025: Cold Brew Coffee


Strother Simpson, the son of ‘Toddy Coffee’

From what I have seen cold brewed coffee peaked in popularity here in the USA last summer. It was exciting for me to hear people asking “What is cold brew?” or “What does toddy coffee taste like?” Why this was fun for me is that I knew people would soon be trying it for themselves!


Robb from Augies Coffee House


It was a pleasure having both Strother and Robb on the show to share.


Here is the recipe that Robb shared with us:

Augies Cold Brew on Tap:
3.5 lbs coarse ground coffee into paper bag.
Place bag into Toddy system.
1 gallon hot water (adds complexity to the taste) directly into paper bag, inside Toddy system.
Let sit or “bloom” for 1 minute.
1 gallon cold water into paper bag.
Carefully tie bag off (it can rip).
2 gallons of cold water into Toddy system.
Put lid onto Toddy system
12 hours brew.
Pull mesh bag out of Toddy system and allow it to drain into batch below for 5 minutes.
Serve or keg from there!
When putting in keg:
Fill keg 4 inches from the top with cold brew.
Charge with nitro.
Place keg on its side, roll 4-5 times slowly (should take 1 minute to complete).
Ready instantly, but let keg rest 2-3 days (preferred). There will be coffee particulates still. brewing inside the keg. After 2 weeks the taste may change too much to serve.


Exact equipment not yet identified.

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[Music credit: Gosling, Sinking Ship from the album Here Is]