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Audio Cafe 017: Scott Baldwin Shares Secrets to Becoming a Person of Value

Here are my favorite quotes from talking with Scott:

“The biggest thing is what you do outside of work.” Don’t force your way into a new position, rather  “Nobody becomes a rockstar by trying to be a rockstar” you need to instead be a person of value.

And – “Coffee beginning to end is just community”

Picture care of

Picture care of

Coffee is wine of the morning. Its not the thing that gets me caffeinated and jacked up for the day, it does get me firing on all cylinders but at the end of the day its mainly just that delicious thing that you get to drink and enjoy the profile and taste of it. And that’s the most important thing to me.”


My personal challenge to you:

“Let everyone sweep in front of his own door, and the whole world will be clean” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

If you listened to the interview you heard at the 38 minute mark I gave a big compliment to Scott about being at my shop and how he provided me value and didn’t treat me like I had to buy from him. How do you view every relationship in your business? From your baristas to your milkman? Is there something you can learn from Scott’s example of helping me learn a little more about espresso, rather than telling me all the reasons why I should buy Caffe Vita? Come to think of it, I don’t remember him making a hard sales line about why I need to buy his coffee and immediately switch.


Start by adding value after hours, if you want to roast coffee, what does your current roaster/barista/manager/owner need help with or not love to do?

Audio Cafe 016: Four Ways to Increase the Sales of Seasonal Beverages

Click here to download the PDF file: Four Ways to Increase the Sales of Seasonal Beverages

Here is Levi recording the intro to this “Sweet sixteen” episode.Menu with "Coming soon" offeringLevi mentioned a menu that had a coming soon teaser, check it out, midway, right side.


Launching a new drink or LTO can be tough. People ask, “How do I get someone to try a new drink?” And “What won’t my customers buy my new drink?” The good news is with a little work this doesn’t have to be a lasting problem. This episode is your personal trainer through launching new drinks on your menu this summer/fall. Download the PDF and follow along.


Already launched your new drink this year? Want to brag about how it went? Let us know below (in the comments).

Music in this episode brought to you by Todd Janes (Free Drip Fridays), and Jungle Fires (Oh, Elizah).