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Audio Cafe 011: Heather Howitt founder of Oregon Chai

What do Oprah, Bono, Oregon, Dave’s Killer Bread and the Himalayas all have in common? Well not a lot, but we talk about them in todays episode! The next 50 minutes are a one-on-one interview with the founder of Oregon Chai. Please sit back, brew a big mug of chai-tea (black tea, cinnamon, ginger, honey, clove = nirvana), and relax.

Show Notes:


From the reference to Oprah and Chai:

Oprah Winfrey Chai


Link to Heather’s husband’s book mentioned on this episode:¬†


Here is a link to the Simpsons reference at the 38 minute mark:

Low quality video, U2 appears at 45 second mark

Episode sponsor:, no voyage is complete without a good coffee shop.


Audio Cafe 010: Who is Terry Ziniewicz?

Founder of, Olympia Coffee, Caffewerks and possibly the first drive-thru coffee stand

Terry Ziniewics

Who owned the first drive-thru coffee stand? It may have been Terry. Who invented the bottomless portafilter? It may have been his team. Certainly he gave it the push from a modification process to production, now bottomless partafilters are standard in third-wave cafes. This is a spotlight on Terry and where he’s been.

Something that both Terry Ziniewicz and Michael Ryan touched on was building the right team or curious people. You can have the best location or coffee in the world, but if you don’t have a stellar team behind you, you are doomed to fail.

Audio Cafe 009: Using Facebook Groups at Your Cafe

is the best way to relay information to your baristas and customers?

I just met up with Christian Ott, the Director of Coffee, Coffee Education, and Green Buyer @StoneCreekCoffee. Wow, what a title. We were talking about the problems of getting information from the corporate headquarters all the way to a barista or customer. This episode is a little sneak peak into the interview we had today that will come out in a few months.

Fasted podcast episode ever, the pan I used (remember that sizzle?) to cook dinner is still hot, enjoy.

Audio Cafe 008: Talking to Jason from

Welcome Jason, founder of (@eKoffee)

Jason of

Favorite quote from Jason: “What’s the longest I’ve gone without coffee? …I don’t know, maybe a day?”

If you brew coffee at home checkout and be sure to use the generous discount promo code “audiocafe” when you order.

Thanks to Jason for being such an energetic guest. Since the interview we have been chatting online and I’m excited to say that we are going to meet up this coming weekend (March 7, 2014) at Coffee Fest New York. If you’re there too be sure to say hi.

If you are wondering what happened during the outro I took the liberty to have a little fun. Jason was great and told me I could play with the audio, so I went a little This American Life on him and re-framed a part of our conversation. Thanks Jason for being such a good sport, I’m going to hold you to that visiting

Cheers everyone, Levi.