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Audio Cafe 007: Who is Tracy Allen?

Tracy Allen

Tracy Allen

Tracy Allen: coffee educator & strategist. Consultant to coffee roasting companies and producing countries globally. 2nd Vice President of the Specialty Coffee Association of America.

This episode is about Tracy Allen and what he has seen happening in the Specialty Coffee Industry over the past 25 years. Did you know he was there during the beginning of the United States Barista Championship competitions? Tracy shares experiences like that and tells us what its like living as a certified Super Taster.

Levi and Tracy at SCAA, 2014

Yes this episode was over an hour, and can you believe I even trimmed parts out? Incredible guest who was kind and generous with his time and insights.

Coffee rust affecting Honduras

A snapshot from Roast Magazine talking about coffee rust affecting farmers.

Audio Cafe 006: Customer Service pt 3

I started talking with Michael Ryan offline about customer service the summer of 2013, before the birth of this podcast. Lately I have been seeing so many examples of bad customer service at coffee shops it makes me shake my head. One night I looked up #BaristaProblems on Twitter and was shocked. At least half the people using the hashtag were complaining about customers. Instead of learning how to solve the problem they were happy to complain about it behind the customers backs.

Screen Shot 2014-02-22 at 4.09.48 PM

It has been my goal that this 3 part series on customer service will help everyone focus on how to turn a bad situation into a better one. Rather than complaining about someone I challenge you to learn how to better serve them and win them as a fan.

Many people see coffee as a communal beverage. If I was not able to connect with 90% of my customers then I would take a moment to consider if I am in the wrong line of work.

Take away challenge: think about you last day on bar and any events that happened. Which situation do you remember happening more, a bad customer interaction, or a new connection with a customer?


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Audio Cafe 005: Customer Service pt. 2

Michael Ryan is back and better than ever!

“If its one thing that’s true its that people love to talk about their [customer service] experiences” – Michael Ryan.


If you haven’t listened to Part 1 of Customer Service than you are doing yourself no favors.

Here we talk about though customers who need a little extra love. I thought it would be best if I left a simple overview of the content that Michael Ryan shared. I will be compiling a Word.Doc for anyone to download for free with this content neatly compiled. Until then, please feel welcome to engage in conversation below.


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