Audio Cafe 012: Christian Ott of Stone Creek Coffee

What does a Director of Coffee/Education/Green Buyer a large roaster/retailer (@StoneCreekCoffe)?

When someone tells me “What my customers want may not be what I want at the moment” I know they are tuning into their business. Look at the next thing Christian said, “We’re teaching our customers how to drink light roasted coffee a little bit at a time” this shows me he realizes there is a timeline needed to get t oa goal. This episode we chat about getting your whole team of staff (baristas, roasters, importers, ect) aligned together and communicating one single message to your customers.

“Its amazing how much you learn in just a year’s worth of just opening doors and experiences. The more you just pideon hold yourself in the corner the less opportunity you give yourself to learn. The more you’re willing to give and say ‘let me re-think that’ you open another door.”

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  • Luis Marquez

    I got curious about the cappuccino with spoon story on episode 12. What is the real application and reason for the spoon? I appreciate it as a nice gesture to make it look pretty and polite, but I’m not sure why the customer would use it to evaluate the depth of the foam.

    • Hey! Thanks for asking! You know I feel the same way. Usually it feels like it is added as a courtesy and to make the drink look nicer, almost an expected. But I have taken the spoon to evaluate the foam (just for fun, not to critique the barista) and had baristas look puzzled at me, as if to say: “What in the world are you doing?” or “He has no idea what he is doing.” Personally, I like to fill little moments with questions to the customer, as I am pouring a capp I would be more inclined to ask if they wanted a spoon, which opens the conversation and fills the awkward silence.