Audio Cafe 011: Heather Howitt founder of Oregon Chai

What do Oprah, Bono, Oregon, Dave’s Killer Bread and the Himalayas all have in common? Well not a lot, but we talk about them in todays episode! The next 50 minutes are a one-on-one interview with the founder of Oregon Chai. Please sit back, brew a big mug of chai-tea (black tea, cinnamon, ginger, honey, clove = nirvana), and relax.

Show Notes:


From the reference to Oprah and Chai:

Oprah Winfrey Chai


Link to Heather’s husband’s book mentioned on this episode:¬†


Here is a link to the Simpsons reference at the 38 minute mark:

Low quality video, U2 appears at 45 second mark

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