What is the Audio Cafe?

A weekly podcast inspired by a caffeine and Seattle native, Levi “Boyrista” Andersen. For 10-years Levi has yet to become tired from learning and talking about trends old or new within Specialty Coffee. Topics on this show include: how to source green coffee or find the perfect roaster, what goes into staffing or training a coffeehouse, what customers want, we will even talk about tea from time to time. Designed to pair with your americano or cappuccino as you learn from the top leaders in the coffee industry. The voices you hear are from cafe owners, coffee growers, roasters, baristas, managers and chefs sharing real stories and advice. If your hands touch coffee then your ears deserve to listen to this podcast. We cover big issues like water quality’s effect espresso and what that means for the ‘average joe’ and Single Origin connoisseur. These lessons are worth their own weight in Organic, Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, Panama Esmerelda Especial Mario Carnaval green beans.


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